So, I realized a few days ago that was available for purchase.  Figuring that I might want the domain sometime in the future, I plunked down a few dollars and bought it.  Rather than buying a separate hosting plan for it, I decided I would share hosting between this site and my other site,  Little did I realize that GoDaddy requires a Deluxe or Premium account to have multiple domains hosted on one account.

Having only an Economy hosting plan, I had to buy a Deluxe hosting plan, download all 2.3something gigs of data from antiyawn, delete my antiyawn hosting account (scary), and upload all of it back to the new host.  After that, I set about formatting my comics and I settled upon wordpress and more specifically, comicpress which both work wonderfully.

Anyway, when school starts up in a few weeks, you can expect a new comic every Tuesday and Friday when the Tech publishes.